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Meet Nikki2
The King of the Castle!

Let's start from the beginning. In August of 1998 I was in deep grief over losing my 13 year old border collie Nikki. Nikki had been with me through high school, two marriages, and the birth of my son, he was my constant companion and protector.
I saw an ad for border collie puppies but wasn't sure I was ready. After some thought I went to see them and out toddled a fat little puppy who was marked identically to Nikki. I fell in love. After racking my brain for a name for this little guy I couldn't come up with anything. His resemblance to Nikki was uncanny, and I decided he was meant to carry on the name. He officially became Nikki2, we call him L'il Nikki.

Here he is at 6 weeks old.

And here he is today, he loves posing!