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Meet Samantha (Deaf)
Our newest baby and future Queen!

Samantha is our second deaf dog. We didn't find her, she found us, or should I say her breeder found us.
I received an e-mail one day from an unknown person. All it said was
"I have an eight week old deaf border collie, can you help?"
Well even without knowing the details I knew I would help. This was my first chance. The deaf dog list I belong to looks for homes for dogs all the time, but never had one been close enough for me to get involved.  It turns out her breeder found me listed on a map of deaf dogs in the United States. We had been looking for another dog but my husband didn't really want another one as large as Nikki so I didn't think he'd let me keep Samantha, so I offered to foster her. My husband realized though that once I got this little doll I'd never let go, and without argument Samantha became mine forever.
She hasn't been with us very long, but she now knows the sign for "sit" and "no" .  She doesn't have the hand signs down as well as Rocky, but she is learning fast.

Here are the first pictures of Samantha, she truly is a doll!